Hola Amigos,

It’s been a busy summer and it’s been a while since my last entry so I wanted to take some time to quickly write about this new creative project that I’ve been working on for the past few months and it’s finally ready to be presented.

I am thrilled to have the opportunity to collaborate with my friend and amazing choreographer Wilfried Souly on his new work Saana The Foreigner. The work premiered  last night July 24- presented by RedCat (The Roy & Edna Disney CalArts Theatre) as part of their yearly NOW (New Original Works) Festival. Along with Willy we are joined by the multi-instrumentalist and extremely talented Tom Moose. the performance runs July 24-26 so please joins us as we share this work that is extremely personal yet tackles on the complex and big issue of immigration.

This work has been a very informative as well as an eye opening experience working with these 2 very creative people. Along the way I have learned much about their journey into this country and it has helped put into perspective my own family’s journey  coming into the United States. I know and have many friends from different countries who have immigrated to the U.S. so this is not new subject matter for me, but what is new is exploring our own psyche as immigrants and the nuances that our own traditions and values have informed who we are in a 21st Century digital world.

For tickets and more information about the NOW Festival please visit the RED CAT website.


Saana The Foreigner